Timeclamp evolved as the team at Testpoint Pty Ltd became more and more frustrated. Testpoint works with more than one client over multiple projects. 

Accurate time recording, ready for invoicing, with advanced reporting was impossible to find. Incomplete, inaccurate, and time-consuming employee management systems just wouldn’t cut it anymore. As a technology company, Testpoint resolved to devise a solution.

That solution is Timeclamp.

Timeclamp, a cloud-based workforce management solution uses the latest industry technology and security standards.

In 2018, Timeclamp implemented the first kiosk solutions.

In September 2019, Timeclamp began assisting clients with I.O.T. solutions implemented with microprocessor(s) as an embedded application interacting with the Timeclamp platform.

Also, in 2019, Timeclamp released the first Biometric Kiosk solution that delivers face and finger verification.

Operated directly by Timeclamp Cloud, the Biometric Kiosk provides fast, secure biometric verification for any workforce.

Already completely integrated with Xero, Timeclamp continues to extend to other major accounting and payroll systems.

See how Testpoint solved their employee management issues with Timeclamp.

Our Mission and Goals

To expedite business systems by helping organisations manage employees and tasks. Save time and money, reduce errors, and eliminate staffing frustrations.
Timeclamp automates, integrates, and digitizes to eradicate the drudgery of antiquated employee management systems.

Our Team

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