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Australia’s fastest-growing employee management solution for hourly and shift schedule workers. Timeclamp aims to expedite business systems by helping organisations manage  employees and tasks.

Clients save time and money, reduce errors, and eliminate staffing frustrations. Timeclamp automates, integrates, and digitizes to eradicate the drudgery of antiquated employee management systems.

Time & Expenses


Rapidly integrate timesheets into your HR system and Xero.
Accurate data consolidation means saved time, fewer mistakes and less payroll frustration.

Assure Compliance

Calculates Overtime, Leave Loading, Penalty Rates, and Salary Costs on every shift.

Sync Employee Details so update only once, in one place.

Manage leave requests, track sick leave, unpaid leaves, and view in a comprehensive leave overview report.

Bill clients or contractors for time with a simple tracking code.

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Time & Expenses

Time & Expenses

Complete Time, Attendance and Expenses solutions configured to your organisation. Monitor from mobile devices or desktops for tasks, clients, and projects. Timeclamp seamlessly integrates with your current apps for immediate tracking without shifting to start the timer.

Export hours to Xero to bill hours to clients or contractors

Tracking codes create detailed reports

Track time on iOS and Android devices on the move

Track team member locations with GPS

Check travel and time spent at destinations in duty hours

Track time during work or enter hours afterwards

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Employee Availability

Employee Availability

Track labour times and locations – from any device and anywhere in the world. Intuitive, userfriendly employee management system identifies replacement staff based on skillsets to fill shifts rapidly.

Instant Notifications – Arrange replacements immediately if an employee does not clock into a job or shift as scheduled

Monitor Employee Breaks – Be informed when workers take breaks. Know when they switch between duty hours and short breaks

Exterior Time Tracking – Track hours on outside duties when employees are away from the workplace

Time-in & Time-out Alerts – Be informed when employees enter or exit the premises

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time expenses

Rostering & Scheduling

Digitally manage shift schedules with automatic notifications with Timeclamp. Easy check-ins and monitoring to enhance employee accountability.

Increased transparency and visibility

Workers easily check-in and out of their shifts.

Managers monitor all employees working on different channels

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Absences & Leaves

Directly synced with Xero, track planned and spontaneous leaves, sick time, and other absences with Timeclamp.

Use the mobile app or log in online

Staff or management enter data

Planned or un-planned leave days

Un-expected sick time

Necessary leave requests

Identify replacement staff by skillset for immediate replacements to fill shifts

View all the details in the leave overview report

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No more antiquated paper sign-ins! Transform your sign-in system to the Timeclamp smart visitor management system.

Impress visitors with professionally printed badges

Send notifications to staff of visitor arrivals

Support contract management

Agreement signature for Safety Instructions, NDAs, etc.

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The Bioclamp100™ Kiosk is a front-end mounted platform with its own TCP/IP, 3G, wireless requiring no local connections to a PC or network. The 3-hour battery back-up power supply provides security when the power may be cut-off. Choose from smart cards, RFID, barcode, PIN numbers and mobile GPS clocking for time attendance.

The Bioclamp100™ managed and operated entirely by Timeclamp, provides secure, rapid, total biometric Face Image and Fingerprint verification for your workforce.

Sign in and sign out staff at worksite locations.

Control those scheduled to work at each worksite to sync with your Timeclamp workspace

Multi-language support – English, French, Spanish, Arabic, Turkish, Portuguese, Hebrew

Interface connectivity – Third-party electric locks, door sensors, exit buttons and alarm systems

Multiple connectivities – Supports TCP/IP, WiFi or 3G

Multiple verification modes – Face, fingerprint. Pin, ID, Mifare and HID card function

High definition infrared camera and optical fingerprint sensor

Supports user role and user expired date management all controlled by the Timeclamp cloud portal

Eliminate buddy-punching

Reporting managed securely online with payroll integration

Conveniently access attendance data and review historical timesheets

For more information about the Bioclamp100™ Time & Attendance Solutions, please contact us. 

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Xero Integration

Complete integration between Timeclamp and Xero saves time, reduces errors, and eliminates frustrating duplications.

Automatically sync employee details between Xero and Timeclamp. Only update employee records once, in one place to reduce duplication time and the risk of errors.

Manage Leave requests in Timeclamp and sync data to Xero. Track sick leave, unpaid leave, and view it all in the leave overview report.

Export hours to Xero for invoicing to clients and contractors. The application of tracking codes provides detailed reporting.

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