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Approving/Rejecting leave submitted by a user

When leave has been submitted by an user in their profile, it enters an Awaiting status in which an administrator or manager is then given the option to either Approve or Reject the proposed leave.

To view any submitted Leave dates, the admin must access the profile page of the user whom has submitted the leave.  Otherwise you can view the leave from the users timesheet.

To do so, navigate to the Manage Users section of Timeclamp

Select the appropriate user and select Leave when directed to the user profile

Any submitted Leave will be displayed in the Leave section of the user profile. Select View.

Here the options to Approve, Reject and Delete the leave is given. Selecting any of the options will prompt a confirmation message before processing the decision.

Once Approved, the schedule manager will display the the dates that have been marked as Leave under the user.

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