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Important notice, Integration with Xero OAuth 2.0 API

Xero announced that all partners need to upgrade their integration methods to a more secure OAuth 2.0

This means previous support for OAuth 1.0 will no-longer be supported and would impact Timeclamp’s connection process to Xero and would no-longer be able make API requests to sync important payroll and timesheet  data with Xero.

The great news is, Timeclamp has recently upgraded to OAuth 2.0 which means your integration with your authorised Xero workspace will  continue to work securely. This also means Timeclamp will soon be able to provide a richer experience  by syncronising your staff data directly from Timeclamp to Xero.

We will be introducing more functionality in July 2021 which will assist customers with payroll processing.

Important Information 

To continue with the integration process, please ensure your staff in Timeclamp match your employees in Xero.

The match is performed by comparing:

 Xero (First Name, Middle Name, Last Name, Date of Birth)


Timeclamp (First Name, Middle Name, Last Name, Date of Birth)

After confirming your Staff details in Xero are matching Timeclamp users you can now continue to connect Timeclamp to Xero to process Timesheet data.

Go to Settings > Integrations and click on: “Connect Xero Organisation”

You will be asked to Sign In to your Xero Organisation to authenticate your access:


Click on: Allow Access 

Now you are ready to send your Timesheet data to Xero Timesheets for Payroll process. The Above process only needs to be performed for the first time. Note, customers that connected prior to the upgrade will need to first disconnect and connect again.

Now: Go to Timesheets > $Payroll 

And now select your Payroll Calendar (which is what you have set up in Xero)


Once you are happy to send your data to Xero click on the share button in the top right-hand corner

then click on $Payroll and your data will be ready in Xero.


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