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Official Launch of Timeclamp is arriving soon

Timeclamp is officially going live to the Australian market on the 18th September 2020,  with only 4 weeks to go and the company behind the Time Tracking and Scheduling technology, Testpoint knows exactly what’s involved and required to ensure it delivers its end users  the best experience backed by a solid on-going roll out plan.

Timeclamp evolved as the team at Testpoint became frustrated with existing solutions in the market that didnt seem to manage time and schedules for their growing staff across multiple client locations. Accurate time recording with advanced reporting was impossible with existing solutions, hence why the technology company Testpoint and its partners new it was time to devise a solution and that solution is Timeclamp.

Although the product officially goes live in September, the platform has been in use by selected small to medium sized businesses across targetted industries onboarded to ensure early customer feedback and adoption.  With over $60 Million worth of active projects currently under management in the Timeclamp platform, Testpoint is confident its solution will increase productivity, performance and consistency for its customers.

Some of the latest features which will make Timeclamp ready for its official launch in September is its employee onboarding automation, helping business manage its compliance requirements with a simply click of a button.  Completely paperless, Timeclamp enables its customers to automate staff and visitor registration processes. It solves the issues of lost-time and lack of compliance and saftey that surrounds the current paper and email based form systems.


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